Welfare and Safeguarding

Our safeguarding policies are inclusive of adults and children. For any concerns the welfare officer can be contacted confidentially to discuss any matters of concern. Please contact the club at:
Club Welfare

As a progressive club we take the welfare of all our members very seriously and we are probably one of the only running clubs to offer this service. We have an well established safeguarding policy with regards to the junior members. All our run leaders and coaches are fully UK(A) qualified which includes the mandatory dbs checks.

We also offer a dedicated welfare service to our senior club members where they can have an informal chat with one of our welfare officers attend a group chat over drink. This has proven to be a great help to club members, especially those who have been unable to attend the regular club nights or social events.

The majority of our run leaders and coaches are already first aid certified and we aim to ensure they are all certified in due course. The club has also recently invested in a defibrillator which will be taken to events hosted by SAC, such as the club summer handicap races.

Appropriate investigation and referrals will be undertaken in accordance with local and national safeguarding frameworks.