Club Handicap

Scarborough Athletic Club have taken the decision to cancel all events for the time being, due to the pandemic and associated Covid regulations. This obviously includes the handicap series.

We will bring back the club handicap event as soon as it is deemed safe to do so. Dependent on how soon we can get started it may just be individual events rather than a league, we will make that decision if and when we can start.

To ensure that once the decision is taken to resume we can get going quickly it would help the club with the preparation of the "paperwork" if any one who thinks they MIGHT like to take part, (this is NOT a commitment) could do the following:

Please email Margaret Scruton with the following information:
a) Name
b) Address
c) and for anyone who has not done a recent event (park run / 10K /10 mile etc.) an estimated minutes per mile pace.

The club will then will then post your handicap running number and disclaimer form to you. Please put your name and emergency contact number on the back, complete the disclaimer form. You will then bring both forms with you to your first event and take them to Margaret and Olive for final registration on the night, this should save a lot of time.

If you can do the above it should make things much easier WHEN we can return to normal!